Decomod is a fun little company started by a husband and wife team.  Ann is the artist and Aaron is the brains (although he does have a lot of art flowing thru his veins).  We started our company back in 2008 with a few hundred bucks and a few ideas.  We have gradually added more products, more ideas and more people!  We  have an amazing production manager, Brooke (can't forget hubby Gavin who is her assistant...paid in hot meals and folded laundry (he does have a real job)).  Add in our slew of kids, a few friends and a parent or two and you get Decomod.  Everything we do is original to us.  We draw our own designs and produce most of them in house.  We have sold our items to people on every continent except Antarctica!  We love what we do and hope that you love our fun stuff too!