$ 20.00
SKU: DM1083
Our Banner Kits come with everything you need to make a beautiful, high quality banner for any and every occasion. Choose from several options to coordinate with ANY event.

This kit comes with 15 flags and plenty of letters! The flags are a mix of Black & White. Each flag measures 4 X 5.5 inches each.

Each Banner kit comes with Letters enough to spell a million different things. Each kit comes with: AABCDEEFGHHIJKLLMMNNOOPPQRRSSTTUVWXYYZ

The possibilities are endless on these! Use double stick tape or glue dots to stick the letters on so they are removable. Or, for a permanent fix, use hot glue, fabric glue or craft glue. So easy!

Also comes with a length of white, grosgrain ribbon that can be cut to any size you need!

*Our felt is high quality and very thick (3mm, which is about 3 times as thick as craft store felt). It is sturdy and and hangs straight without flopping.

This banner is durable enough to toss in your Holiday box for storage without getting ruined.